Tips on Using Storage Containers

Storing items is already a part of our everyday lives. We all have that enough spaces in our homes where we could store our seldom-used items. This may take a lot of time for us to keep them safe and organized but using the storage containers will help us do the trick.

Here are some of the tips on using portable containers for storing our items:

Storage Containers•In picking the right storage bin for our items, it’s essential to select the most appropriate container type for specific items. This is to ensure that our items are not just organized but protected as well. After choosing the right height, we can also consider the color and the type of material used. For added security and convenience, we can also check out its lid and handles. Take note that light, small containers might be difficult to move once filled up with random items that’s why it’s also important to choose the items to be placed inside these containers.

•De-clutter. As mentioned earlier, we should pick out all the items that we need to place inside the storage containers. Once done, we can de-clutter all the rest by throwing them away or giving them to our neighbors. If we want additional income, we may want to sell these items by putting up a garage sale or online shops. In de-cluttering items, remember that we should only get rid of the unnecessary and not the ones that we might still need in the future.

•Come up with a packing list. It’s helpful to come up with a detailed list of items to be placed inside these containers. To start, we can write short descriptions or labels and paste them on top of the box. Make sure that we also record them on a notebook. Record-keeping is essential especially for insured items however, keep in mind that the list requires updating every time we change the contents of the containers.

To make sure that we don’t miss out on anything, we can take pictures of the items inside every box. Save the images using file names that correspond to the labels written on top of each containers.

As we list down the items we need to pack, we can consider the following tips:

1.Leave sweaters, lingerie blankets and bath towels inside the drawers until the moving day comes. For the meantime, we can pack spillables and other breakable items.

2.Place similar items in one container. For instance, we should not place a delicate figurine inside a cardboard box that contains hammer, wrench and screws.

3.Wind the electrical cords of all appliances to avoid dangling with other cords.

4.Use paper towels, tissue papers or soft cloth to wrap delicate and fragile objects such as glass wares, mirrors and vases.

5.Colored wrapping is essential for small items so that we can easily notice them when unpacking all things inside a container.

6.Place at least three layers of soft cloth of crushed paper as a cushion before placing items inside the container. For a more effective cushion, we can use towels or lightweight blankets.

7.In packing items inside storage containers, we should start placing the heaviest ones on the base first then proceed with medium weighted items on the middle and the lightest ones on top.

8.Fill empty spaces with crushed paper, soft cloth and cut out cartons for added cushion and dividers.

9.Cover and wrap all sharp edges, rims or points with a piece of cloth.

10.As we finish packing items on each container, we must list down the items on the side of the container for easier reference.

•Pack the storage containers carefully. Once done, we can now seal each container tightly. For more convenient unpacking of all the items inside, we can add short labels and special marks on any part of the container. For checkout the rental price and rent procedure, of the storage container please visit,