9 Speaking Opportunities for a Motivational Speaker

For a motivational speaker to build experience, he must first look for speaking opportunities where he can practice his speeches and enhance his public speaking skills. You can tap into these “resources” to start your public speaking career:


1.Local clubs and organizations.

Ask around your local area for any organizations that need a motivational speaker for their regular meetings. You can coordinate with their chairperson to organize a speaking activity that can boost the club members’ morale.

It is also better to research for any specific clubs that may or may have not the same interests as you. There is a likely chance that these people are also looking for a speaker that can provide them information which may be different from what they know but relevant to them nonetheless. Who knows, it could be you!

2.Educational Institutions

Local colleges could also help you start as a motivational speaker. Usually, universities and colleges need speakers who can inspire the students on how to manage college life and can teach them what to expect in the outside world. There are also university organizations that need speakers for their monthly meetings.

If you want to involve an even bigger crowd, contacting a department head or college dean is your first step. This way, you can introduce yourself and discuss your field of expertise, which can possibly be related to the target audience – the students.

3.Networking groups and companies

Business networking involves a number of people whose aim is to help other members get into the same business. Provide a valuable speech that can inspire them as individuals or as a group.

4.Online Events

You’ll be surprised but nowadays it is easier to organize events at the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of websites such as Event brite, Meet Up, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are online communities of people sharing the same interests. You can search for events near your city, particularly those that fit your area of expertise. The good thing about this speaking opportunity is you can do it in front of the people or virtually.

5.Trade associations

There are more than 10,000 trade groups in the US. Imagine if you can obtain opportunities to speak to a number of them. Contact the program organizers, discuss your topic of expertise, and send a demo video to let them know your interest to speak. With the trade shows, conventions and meetings they conduct in a year, they definitely need a speaker.

6.Speaker Directory Services

A speaker directory contains the names of different speakers, their locations, and areas of expertise. Meeting organizers usually consult directories to obtain speakers for their event. Join these directory services and put your name out there. It would be easier for you to get speaking opportunities if organizers know about you.

7.Business publications

You can also present your speaking interests to business publication groups. They normally conduct events which they announce online or in print. Check for the available speaking opportunity and contact the organization head.


If your expertise is related to business and industry, then speaking in corporate events is a flourishing ground for you. This kind of speaking entails a different kind of skills. You should be able to present your speech and presentation in a creative and exciting style. In fact, a motivational speaker seeking to be a great corporate speaker undergoes training and certification just to be great at it. Speaking in a corporate setting gives your credentials a boost.


You can utilize referrals by asking others to help you land different speaking events. Or, they themselves can hook you up with organizations or clubs, serving as a speaker during meetings.

All in all, there are lots of ways to jump start your speaking career and so, all you have to do is choose among them and act right away.