Military Coins: Then And Now

Military Coins have a rich history as detailed by some stories and manuscripts. However, these different stories agree on one thing. Military coins are given to warriors or soldiers who have fought valiantly, have given honor to their country, or have accomplished tasks that involve bravery, loyalty, and integrity.

The Roman Empire

The earliest known origin of military coins dates back to the powerful reign of the Roman Empire. During those times, the leaders would reward the victorious warriors with coins made of valuable metals as payment for their services and also to recognize their achievements during times of war.

World War I

This is probably the most common story and might be the origin of custom military coins.

Military CoinsOne wealthy American military officer had custom medallions made from solid bronze and gave them to members of his unit. A young pilot placed the coin in a leather pouch which served as his identification after going through mishaps during the war. The soldier would have been executed by an ally nation if he hadn’t kept the military coin that bore the insignia of his squadron.

It then became a practice for all members of the military to always carry their medallions wherever they go.

World War II

Another story trace its roots to the third second war and tells about a certain group in the armed forces that uses local coins as identification for their members. The date, type, and other aspects of the coin are examined by the party to verify identity of the members. This prevented infiltrations by spies and the coins were referred to as challenge coins.

Modern Day Challenge Coins

Today’s challenge coins have evolved from local currencies to customized mementos and keepsakes that are as unique as the group or the individuals they were given to. But the tradition remains the same. Being presented with a military coin translates to exceptional achievements in service.

There are a number of good companies producing fine custom coins nowadays; most of them have extensive experience on catering to all branches of the armed forces. They have crafted custom coins that represented integrity, bravery, and courage of the military’s men and women.

Design and Quality

You should look for a company that is dedicated to the production of only the highest quality custom coins designed according to the specifications and requirements of their customers. The company should have satisfied customers from the military that can attest to the utmost attention they give to each of the custom coins that they craft.

The company should understand that military coins are more than just mementos and keepsakes. They can symbolize the bond that each member of a military unit shares. Or reflect a soldier’s achievements and contributions to the group. That’s why the company should be focused on producing top notch quality coins. These coins are made so that its carriers will be proud of them.

Wide Range of Options

Custom coin manufacturers present the customers with a wide range of options for their custom coin needs starting with the basic, metal color, which is available in gold, copper, silver, brass, black nickel, or even duo-tone. Metal styles are also available in antique or polished varieties.

Shape is also not limited to circles as they can be as complex or as fancy as the customers want them to be. Adding to the aesthetic value is the option to put in more color, engraved text, 3D designs, diamond cut edge, epoxy or enamel coatings, and different purposes like bottle opener or keychain. The possibilities are endless and their graphics designers will help you through the design process.