The Flexibility of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are popular for its flexibility, but they are flexible in more ways than  one. Also known as “gel bracelets”, these easy to wear, comfortable, and lightweight  wristbands are distinct from the traditional metallic or plastic bracelets one commonly  finds in accessory shops. The different uses of these types of bracelet make it even more  preferred by many.

Because of their appealing characteristics, rubber bracelets are commonly used as fashion  accessories. Over the years, silicone wristbands have become more and more popular  especially for people who love to wear jewelries as part of their everyday looks. In fact,  these kinds of bracelets are sold in well-known jewelry lines and are perceived by some as  “trendier” than the traditional bracelets.

Rubber BraceletsThese bracelets are also popular in fashion because of their versatility. Varying in sizes, color, and style, they can be paired with different kinds of clothing and can be worn on different occasions. They can be colorful – like the swirled and multi-colored wristbands that combine different hues into attractive colors – and simple or minimalist – like the blank or single-colored silicone bracelets – that accommodate any kind of clothing styles and aesthetics. The bracelet’s flexibility is also evident with how one can wear them in two or more different activities yet still look attractive and unique. Glow-in-the-dark silicon wristbands, for example, can be worn both during night club parties and early morning joggings to make their wearer more distinguishable even with the absence of light. Many silicon wristbands have also been used by several sports team and during different kinds of sporting activity.

Because these types of bracelet accommodate texts and logos, they can also be worn to convey a statement that allows the wearer to express himself in a more creative manner. What makes it more interesting is that its users can personalize the design of their own rubber bracelets. Aside from the wide array of choices when it comes to the style and type of wristbands, one can have their names or their favorite short quotes embossed, debussed, or silk-printed in the bracelet’s surface depending on what the wearers prefer.

Aside from being an accessory, silicone wristbands are deemed to be effective in raising awareness about certain issues. It may be worn in campaigning against sexual harassment, in supporting cancer victims, or in showing solidarity to various groups. As it can be worn anywhere in anytime, it can attract larger number of individuals who may want to be part of the user’s advocacy.

With its inexpensive price, rubber bracelets can also be used to raise funds. They can be bought in bulk and can be resold easily for more successful fundraising events, as their simple yet attractive qualities are just one of the things many buyers cannot resist.

Gel bracelets are also beneficial to those who want to advertise a product or promote an  event in a less expensive but more creative and unique way. Instead of printing costly  advertisement posters, one can easily distribute silicon wristbands which have the logo of  the company or the product being promoted, and acquire a much larger number of reach.

These bracelets can also be a cost-efficient way of celebrating an occasion. Giving a customized rubber wristband to a loved one is among the best ways to make him feel important and remembered. Using gel bracelets is also a brilliant idea for souvenirs to be given away during birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and other celebrations that one wants to make more memorable. Instead of giving decorative souvenirs, why not give guests something they can actually use and wear?

Aside from its uses, rubber bracelets are also durable and long-lasting, allowing the wearers to use them for a considerably long number of years. They can also be washed without easily destroying the quality of their prints. They are safer and are less likely to cause allergies to the users unlike the traditional accessories made out of plastic or metal.

These bracelets are also not hard to find. In fact, they are usually sold on online accessory shops for reasonable shipping fee.

The flexibility of these kinds of bracelet extend from using them for personal interests to making them tools in raising awareness and soliciting supports from different people. Its inexpensive price does not risk its quality, plus, unlike other types of bracelets, it can also be customized to fit one’s cause, giving them the uniqueness that most jewelry-enthusiasts are looking for.

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Silicone WristbandsGel bracelets are also beneficial to those who want to advertise a product or promote an  event in a less expensive but more creative and unique way.

Things To Consider Before Using Iron On Patches

Whether you have limited time, materials, or sewing skills, iron on patches are a great way to accessorize bags, jackets, old jeans, and t-shirts. The best part about using this type of patches is that it is a fast and reliable way of patching up holes on ragged clothes and other fabric-based items.

Iron On Patches

These patches come in different sizes and designs to match your taste and the colors of your base items. You can purchase them in your town’s sewing crafts and hobby stores. Or if you don’t have access to one near your home, you may look up iron on patches of your design and size of choice online and order it from there. However, before you start pressing down these fabric stickers on to your clothes and bags, there are a few things you must consider;

One: SIZE.

This is a particularly important point to consider when using iron on patches to cover up holes on your base item (shirts, jeans, jackets, bags, etcetera). When buying, it is best to measure the circumference of the hole you are patching up to make sure that the shape and size of the patch will be enough to cover the whole area.

Be especially particular about the dimensions of the patches when you are buying it online as you cannot simply determine the size of the patch through your gadget screen. NEVER assume the dimensions of an item based on pictures alone when you are purchasing it online. As much as possible, ask the seller about the actual length and width of the patches before making your purchases online.


One of the reasons people opt for iron on patches is its fast and convenient way of accessorizing and updating the look of old or dull fabric-based items. Although going for a certain “look” or style may not be a priority for you, you might want to consider going with a particular theme or color to match your jeans and your bags.

Feeling like going for a rocker vibe? Why not try those punk-rock skull and rose patch designs to update your ratty denim jacket? Or if you are feeling a bit playful, why not pick a cutesy teddy bear patch to match that pastel- colored tote bag? Feel free to use your imagination and get creative.


Make sure to consider the type of fabric where you intend to stick those patches. From the name itself, Iron on patches require flat irons to melt the adhesive and make it stick to your base item. Not all types of fabric can take the same degree of heat. You wouldn’t want to burn a bigger hole on that jacket you intended to patch up in the first place. Also, take note of the word “fabric”. The patches are not advisable for use on plastic-based and leather-based surfaces. Ironing on the glue will definitely destroy these types of materials.


As mentioned, not all types of fabric can take the same degree of heat. Wool is advised by most fabric experts to be ironed at three-hundred (300) degrees Fahrenheit at most, cotton at four-hundred (400) degrees Fahrenheit, and linen at four-hundred and forty-five (445) degrees Fahrenheit.

With these four things in mind, don’t forget the most basic and most important of all: Observing SAFETY MEASURES! Keep hot iron away from children and all possible electrocution hazards. Lastly, make sure to do your iron on patching in a well-lighted place. You wouldn’t want to miss that hole or stick your patches on the wrong side of your pants! That’s it. Happy patching!

Custom Lanyards As Corporate Giveaways

With the holiday season fast approaching, marketing heads of companies are gathering up their teams to brainstorm and come up with the perfect holiday giveaway for clients. Of course, besides trying to finalize the gift list for the season, you also have to make sure that whatever you decide to give is not just one-of-a-kind but also functional for your clients and cost-effective for you.

Custom lanyardsThe trick to coming up with the perfect giveaway item is to think not only as a marketer but also as a client. If you were a client, what would you find useful? After all, corporate giveaways are also means to promote your brand. This means that you would be better off giving away items that your clients will regularly use, making consistent brand recall a possibility; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. The answer to your problem? Custom lanyards.

What are custom lanyards?

A custom lanyard is a strap typically worn around the neck. Lanyards are basically neck straps worn to carry items such as IDs, keycards, cameras or flash drives.

Before lanyards were used to hold and carry IDs and keycards, these were worn by soldiers to keep their weaponry easily accessible.

Why consider custom lanyards as part of your corporate giveaway set?

It is right there in the name- these lanyards are made to be customized. With customizable lanyards, all you have to do is choose a high-quality material, a durable attachment, and a great, relevant design that will effectively reflect your company’s brand. By using these lanyards as corporate giveaways, you are not just giving your clients a useful present, you are also providing your company a chance to be remembered.

Since lanyards can be customized, you can just put about any significant company detail on it. Besides the obvious, such as your company logo, you can also put your slogan, website URL and even contact details on your lanyard giveaway. So if you are looking for a holiday giveaway to hand out to your valued clients, opting for customized lanyards is not only unique but also a wise choice.

Will your clients be happy receiving these custom lanyards?

The answer to that question is a YES. With the right material, your client will surely be more than appreciative receiving your customized lanyards. Remember though, the quality of your lanyard also says a lot about your company’s taste. This means that before you go designing your lanyard, you have to make sure you choose a high-quality material that will not make your clients feel hesitant about using it. After all, you do not want your clients associating you with producing cheap results, right?

The first thing you should decide on is your lanyard’s fabric. There are five fabrics commonly used in lanyard production. Choose between Polyester, Nylon, Tubular, Dye-Sublimated and Woven lanyards, just research about those and see which fabric will fit your needs best.

Besides the lanyard fabric, you also have to take into account your custom lanyard’s attachment. The attachment is what connects the lanyard to the item it will be holding. This makes it an essential part of your lanyard because you do not want your clients holding your custom lanyards accountable for losing their valuable items. There is a wide selection of lanyard attachments you can choose from with bulldog clip and trigger hook being the most commonly used in the market.

Once you are done deciding on which fabric and attachment to use, all you have to do now is come up with a great design that is not only aesthetically-pleasing but also relevant to your brand and business.