The Greatest Collection Of Custom ID Lanyards

Secure your identification while keeping it easily visible at all times with our top quality ID lanyards. Available in many printing styles, colors, materials and attachments, our custom lanyards are ideal for all organizations, such as schools, military, churches, hospitals and business establishments. If you need something to hand out to people on your next trade show or fundraising event, why not personalize a lanyard and give them useful items they can remember your brand by? We can help you make that happen.

Woven Lanyards

We have the best custom lanyards in the industry and we take pride in providing the lowest prices and unparalleled customer service. Our fully functional website can accommodate all your lanyard orders. With our first ever online Lanyard Builder, you can build, preview and order your custom lanyards at your own time on your own computer! We want the process to be easier, faster and more convenient for you and we’ll make every necessary innovation to live up to that. Browse through all the pages on our website to find the perfect ID lanyards that suit your specifications.

Why get our lanyards?

Lanyards, with no doubt, are far much better than any other product to hold your ID badges, key cards, membership cards and other similar items while providing comfort and convenience. Pins and clips usually damage your clothing and ruin your overall appearance. With lanyards, your identification is conveniently held in place without causing any hassle.

The good news is that you can get custom lanyards of superior class without having to spend too much. We offer the lowest wholesale prices in the industry without compromising the quality of our products. Getting high grade custom lanyards need not be too expensive and we have proven that over our long years of experience.

Types of Lanyards

We offer many variations of lanyard styles to suit every organization’s unique needs and taste. Click website for variety of lanyard styles. We have flat polyester, woven polyester, nylon, tubular, dye sublimated and the newest style we carry, the cord/shoestring lanyards.

Flat Polyester Lanyards

Polyester LanyardsAmong all lanyard styles, flat polyester lanyards are the most popular and largely used. Perfectly balancing cost and function, polyester lanyards are the most preferred choice and can fulfill the job of providing security and convenience to your staff while also showcasing your brand at the same time.

Woven Polyester Lanyards

If you’re rooting for more classic and elegant-looking ID lanyards, woven polyester lanyards can serve you better. Forget about imprints. With woven lanyards, weaving your chosen design to the polyester fabric to make your custom lanyards look more appealing to everyone’s sight is possible. Do note, however, that due to this weaving method, elaborate logos or lettering may be difficult to see. Therefore, it is wiser to opt for this style if your design is simple and non-intricate.

Nylon Lanyards

LanyardsNylon lanyards are the most recognized lanyard styles in the world. With premium class quality, this lanyard style is naturally hard wearing and typically lasts longer than most lanyard styles. The nylon material also makes your custom lanyards look shinier and more brilliant so your brand, logo and/or text stand out even more. If you’re meticulous about quality, get our nylon lanyards and you’ll never go wrong.

Tubular Lanyards

Tight on budget? See what our tubular lanyards can do for you. Cost-effective yet high quality, the tubular style offers a great value in the world of customized lanyards. Tubular lanyards are skillfully crafted with tube-stitched polyester fabric, and these lanyards look and feel relatively the same as regular shoelaces. If you’re more inclined towards the economical side, then tubular lanyards are your excellent option.

Dye Sublimated Lanyards

If you’re in for some tough stuff, dye sublimated lanyards are your most ideal choices. Using dye sublimation process, we fuse your brand and logo completely into the fabric. If your design includes multiple vibrant colors, fine lines and intricate lettering, no worries, dye sublimated lanyards can handle it all. The imprint of this lanyard style does not fade or crack easily, and the end result is a lanyard that is full of lively colors and looks really exciting. Go with our dye sublimated ID lanyards and get the ultimate lanyard quality.

Cord / Shoestring Lanyards

Custom cord/shoestring lanyards are the newest lanyard styles we carry. These are round lanyards that offer excellent comfort, outstanding visibility for your text/message, and a generally classic look for your ID lanyards. We are excited for you to try out our new products and will be happy to hear from you today! Keep looking around our website and hit us up should you need assistance.

PCB Assembly 101 – Designing Printed Circuit Boards

There are quite a couple rules of thumb when it comes to designing circuit boards and in completing PCB assembly. As there are dozens of tools out there, it is still vital to know some tips, especially for beginners, in order to create an optimized printed circuit board. I hope the points below can provide generic overview and explain briefly how to position components to a circuit board and even how to wire them together.

Generally speaking, in PCB assembly, it is always best to place parts on the top side of your board only. And when you do this, you have to make sure that the snap-to-grid is turned on. A value of 0.05” would do wonders.

componentsNow, ready all your components, all your connectors, switches, LEDs, mounting holes, heat sinks, and everything else that mounts to an external location. Place them in their specific locations. Remember to give careful thought when laying out your components. It is important to minimize trace lengths. As much as possible, put directly connected parts next to each other. An optimal layout design will help you lay the traces out with much ease.

Your ICs should be arranged in only one or two orientations, either up or down, and, left or right. Align them in such a way that pin one will be in the same place for each orientation. If you want to save a lot of time, leave reasonably generous spaces between these ICs for traces. You can leave around 0.35” up to 0.5” in between normal sized ICs, and even more for those larger ones.

The polarized parts, such as diodes and electrolytic caps, we recommend, to be positioned with the positive lead having the same orientation.

As soon as you laid out all the components you need, print the copy of the layout. You can place the actual components on top of the layout to verify if you have given them enough space to rest without touching one another.

Now the next step would be lay the power and ground traces. This is crucial if you work with ICs to have solid power and ground lines. As with anything related or involving PCB assembly, avoid snaking the power lines from part to part.

After then, place the signal traces. It is nice to make it a habit to make them as short and direct as possible. Use bias, or a pad with a plated-through hole, in moving signals from one layer to another. The best you can do is to lay out a board with vertical traces on one side and horizontal ones on the other. Then add a via where you need to connect a horizontal trace to a vertical trace on the opposite side. A good trace width is normally 0.010” for low current signals, both digital and analog.

Circuit BoardWhen all the traces are placed, make sure to double check the routing of every signal. This way, you are assured that nothing is missing or even incorrectly wired. Just run through your schematic one wire at a time. Follow the path of each trace on the layout. When all is confirmed, and verified correct and valid, mark it. Inspect your actual layout, top and bottom, ensure the gaps between the components are reasonable, approximately 0.007” and above recommended. Check for vias, make sure nothing is missing. Check all your traces and make sure none crosses another.

These are just a few tips you can use when you are just starting working on printed circuit boards and doing your own PCB assembly. You can use them and apply them with whatever tool you are using. However doable this may sound, you are most likely to miss a step. And while it could be of great consequence when you do so, you can always go to professionals for designing your printed circuit board. Imagineering Inc. provide online services that can deliver your board in a very timely manner – and with utmost quality.

For High quality Printed Circuit Board fabrication and PCB assembly, contact

Tips on Using Storage Containers

Storing items is already a part of our everyday lives. We all have that enough spaces in our homes where we could store our seldom-used items. This may take a lot of time for us to keep them safe and organized but using the storage containers will help us do the trick.

Here are some of the tips on using portable containers for storing our items:

Storage Containers•In picking the right storage bin for our items, it’s essential to select the most appropriate container type for specific items. This is to ensure that our items are not just organized but protected as well. After choosing the right height, we can also consider the color and the type of material used. For added security and convenience, we can also check out its lid and handles. Take note that light, small containers might be difficult to move once filled up with random items that’s why it’s also important to choose the items to be placed inside these containers.

•De-clutter. As mentioned earlier, we should pick out all the items that we need to place inside the storage containers. Once done, we can de-clutter all the rest by throwing them away or giving them to our neighbors. If we want additional income, we may want to sell these items by putting up a garage sale or online shops. In de-cluttering items, remember that we should only get rid of the unnecessary and not the ones that we might still need in the future.

•Come up with a packing list. It’s helpful to come up with a detailed list of items to be placed inside these containers. To start, we can write short descriptions or labels and paste them on top of the box. Make sure that we also record them on a notebook. Record-keeping is essential especially for insured items however, keep in mind that the list requires updating every time we change the contents of the containers.

To make sure that we don’t miss out on anything, we can take pictures of the items inside every box. Save the images using file names that correspond to the labels written on top of each containers.

As we list down the items we need to pack, we can consider the following tips:

1.Leave sweaters, lingerie blankets and bath towels inside the drawers until the moving day comes. For the meantime, we can pack spillables and other breakable items.

2.Place similar items in one container. For instance, we should not place a delicate figurine inside a cardboard box that contains hammer, wrench and screws.

3.Wind the electrical cords of all appliances to avoid dangling with other cords.

4.Use paper towels, tissue papers or soft cloth to wrap delicate and fragile objects such as glass wares, mirrors and vases.

5.Colored wrapping is essential for small items so that we can easily notice them when unpacking all things inside a container.

6.Place at least three layers of soft cloth of crushed paper as a cushion before placing items inside the container. For a more effective cushion, we can use towels or lightweight blankets.

7.In packing items inside storage containers, we should start placing the heaviest ones on the base first then proceed with medium weighted items on the middle and the lightest ones on top.

8.Fill empty spaces with crushed paper, soft cloth and cut out cartons for added cushion and dividers.

9.Cover and wrap all sharp edges, rims or points with a piece of cloth.

10.As we finish packing items on each container, we must list down the items on the side of the container for easier reference.

•Pack the storage containers carefully. Once done, we can now seal each container tightly. For more convenient unpacking of all the items inside, we can add short labels and special marks on any part of the container. For checkout the rental price and rent procedure, of the storage container please visit,

Choosing Your Golf Shirts: Pure Cotton or Cotton Blend

When it comes to playing golf, you have to at least wear a formal shirt to comply with the club’s regulations. But formality is not the only thing you should keep in mind. You also need to be practical when choosing the golf shirts you’re going to wear. The last thing you want to experience when making those last strokes is that feeling of discomfort just because you’ve been a bit too sweaty, or your shirt’s fabric did not fit the weather you’re playing with well enough.

Speaking of the fabric, are you absolutely aware whether you’re holding on to a 100-percent cotton or a cotton blend shirt?

shirtExperienced golfers know that a shirt is suitable for them the moment they touch the clothing’s fabric, even without seeing its collar tag. On the other hand, you’d most likely be guessing it wrong without cheating. This might not be all too significant, but picking which between the two is more favorable is a different story.

For your regular clothing, it’s natural to go with pure cotton without too much contemplation. But this is not the case when you’re trying to figure out the better fabric to go with before entering the golf course. Each of these two most commonly used fabrics for golf shirts has its advantages and disadvantages you need to know so you won’t have to deal with a few uncomfortable shots during your game.

The most evident advantage pure cotton has over the other is the smoothness it offers. Pure cotton golf shirts also feel a lot better to your skin and are generally more comfortable. This, however, doesn’t mean that every shirt made from pure cotton you wear offers a higher level of comfort and softness as compared to cotton blends. Fiber quality often depends on how it is woven, finished, or milled. This is why some designer cotton blend shirts are much more comfortable to wear than your regular stock shirts made from pure cotton.

Golf shirtOther fabrics are often blended with cotton to create a more durable, breathable, and appealing product. A good example of a superior cotton blend is one woven with linen, which is cooler and much more longer-lasting than cotton.

Some manufacturers tend to add synthetic fibers such as rayon or polyester so that the resulting fabric would look more lustrous and have better texture. The typical cotton blend is made from 80 percent cotton while having 20 percent of another type of fabric. This gives a good balance of that cottony texture and feel.

Natural fibers such as cotton tend to wrinkle, which is certainly undesirable for golf shirts. If you’re playing golf, not only would you like to be comfortable, but also look smart by having an appealing shirt. This, though, can be achieved better by wearing shirts made from cotton blended with synthetic fibers, which makes for clothing that requires less maintenance.

Normally, there won’t be an issue whether you’d want to have a pure cotton or a cotton blend shirt if you’re playing on a sunny day. However, when the weather is cold, the latter appears to be the better option. A nice advantage to getting cotton blends is that they’re more affordable than pure cotton.

It’s really hard to distinguish what type of fabric to go with when choosing your golf shirts. There’s been a lot of debate from golf players and enthusiasts alike regarding this matter, and this might still be ongoing to date. Regardless, with each one having different qualities that make it more favorable than the other, the more important thing than knowing which one serves superior is knowing which one to wear under the weather condition you’d be playing with, also  have an great collection of golf shirts and T-shirts, people must like it.

Finding the Perfect Property Investment in Hamptons Real Estate

Hamptons real estate offers wide range of options when buying new property in the area such as commercial, land, and residential properties. With a top performing brokerage firm in the area, you are guaranteed to get the best real estate investment in the market. But you need to look for proven track record first before you decide to work with a realtor in Hamptons, Long Island.

Through clear and precise real estate transactions, you don’t need to worry about wrong property investments made in the area. The best way is to find a well experienced agent to support your goals in no time. For instance, you can check the background of the company that you want to work with before you sign the papers. An excellent realtor should be able to provide you with the current market trends in Hamptons real estate market so you can make informed decisions.

Things to Consider when Buying New Home

New HomeThere are lots of realty developers and brokerage firms in the area that will encourage you to buy properties with them. The best way to choose the right provider is by looking at their portfolio and reputation in the local area. It’s also important to work with a reputable agent who knows Hamptons culture for more profitable investments. In fact, an extensive portfolio can give you better insights on which property to purchase along with excellent features offered by the landed property.

The services offered by firms specializing in Hamptons real estate includes the following:

  • Sales
  • Lettings
  • Residential developments
  • Property management
  • Mortgages

With continuous expansion of property investments in the area, there are more options for you to choose from. In that way, you will have more informed buying decisions while getting the best property that will suit your specific needs and standards. Also, when it comes to luxury properties, Hamptons is one of the best places in New York to consider. Up to date realtors offer a wide selection of property based services such as:

•New home sales
•International estate agency
•Financial services
•Property investments
•Corporate home search
•Tenancy management

By working with a team of specialized Hamptons real estate brokers, you can be sure that you are buying the right property in the neighborhood. With online access, you can easily get a complete list of homes for sale in Long Island, NY. Also, you don’t need to visit the place just to find the perfect property you need. You can just browse the website and find what you want from there before dealing with the realtors in person.

Why People Need Innovative Property Agents

Property AgentsThe advanced technology combined with dedicated property agents will show you how to efficiently choose the best deal in the local real estate market. There are owners who are hand-on when it comes to selling properties to buyers. This is an excellent way opt establish connection with the clients. If you want to build strong relationship with your realtor, you need to make them understand what your specific needs are.

Real estate business is not all about selling properties to client. It also focuses on building long term relationships with home buyers and investors in order to ensure positive connection within the industry. Apart from deep resources, you can take advantage of flexibility and technology to guarantee correct investments are made. In addition, you can rely on the expertise of your property agent so that you get comprehensive data regarding the home listings as well as pricing in the local market.

Investing in the Right Property

Before you even buy a new property, think of how it can affect your daily living. If it can provide you better opportunities, then it is the best decision you can ever make. Just always remember to consult a professional real estate broker to help you decide. Today, it is essential to find a trustworthy realtor in Hamptons if you really want to get the best deal. Assure yourself with highly experienced agents that will work together to provide you ultimate investment options.

Expertise cannot be manufactured or bought. But you can hire expert agents to support your needs and expectations. Live in peace with properties located in Hamptons. You are sure to prosper in this area wherein successful businesses and professionals reside.

The Flexibility of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are popular for its flexibility, but they are flexible in more ways than  one. Also known as “gel bracelets”, these easy to wear, comfortable, and lightweight  wristbands are distinct from the traditional metallic or plastic bracelets one commonly  finds in accessory shops. The different uses of these types of bracelet make it even more  preferred by many.

Because of their appealing characteristics, rubber bracelets are commonly used as fashion  accessories. Over the years, silicone wristbands have become more and more popular  especially for people who love to wear jewelries as part of their everyday looks. In fact,  these kinds of bracelets are sold in well-known jewelry lines and are perceived by some as  “trendier” than the traditional bracelets.

Rubber BraceletsThese bracelets are also popular in fashion because of their versatility. Varying in sizes, color, and style, they can be paired with different kinds of clothing and can be worn on different occasions. They can be colorful – like the swirled and multi-colored wristbands that combine different hues into attractive colors – and simple or minimalist – like the blank or single-colored silicone bracelets – that accommodate any kind of clothing styles and aesthetics. The bracelet’s flexibility is also evident with how one can wear them in two or more different activities yet still look attractive and unique. Glow-in-the-dark silicon wristbands, for example, can be worn both during night club parties and early morning joggings to make their wearer more distinguishable even with the absence of light. Many silicon wristbands have also been used by several sports team and during different kinds of sporting activity.

Because these types of bracelet accommodate texts and logos, they can also be worn to convey a statement that allows the wearer to express himself in a more creative manner. What makes it more interesting is that its users can personalize the design of their own rubber bracelets. Aside from the wide array of choices when it comes to the style and type of wristbands, one can have their names or their favorite short quotes embossed, debussed, or silk-printed in the bracelet’s surface depending on what the wearers prefer.

Aside from being an accessory, silicone wristbands are deemed to be effective in raising awareness about certain issues. It may be worn in campaigning against sexual harassment, in supporting cancer victims, or in showing solidarity to various groups. As it can be worn anywhere in anytime, it can attract larger number of individuals who may want to be part of the user’s advocacy.

With its inexpensive price, rubber bracelets can also be used to raise funds. They can be bought in bulk and can be resold easily for more successful fundraising events, as their simple yet attractive qualities are just one of the things many buyers cannot resist.

Gel bracelets are also beneficial to those who want to advertise a product or promote an  event in a less expensive but more creative and unique way. Instead of printing costly  advertisement posters, one can easily distribute silicon wristbands which have the logo of  the company or the product being promoted, and acquire a much larger number of reach.

These bracelets can also be a cost-efficient way of celebrating an occasion. Giving a customized rubber wristband to a loved one is among the best ways to make him feel important and remembered. Using gel bracelets is also a brilliant idea for souvenirs to be given away during birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and other celebrations that one wants to make more memorable. Instead of giving decorative souvenirs, why not give guests something they can actually use and wear?

Aside from its uses, rubber bracelets are also durable and long-lasting, allowing the wearers to use them for a considerably long number of years. They can also be washed without easily destroying the quality of their prints. They are safer and are less likely to cause allergies to the users unlike the traditional accessories made out of plastic or metal.

These bracelets are also not hard to find. In fact, they are usually sold on online accessory shops for reasonable shipping fee.

The flexibility of these kinds of bracelet extend from using them for personal interests to making them tools in raising awareness and soliciting supports from different people. Its inexpensive price does not risk its quality, plus, unlike other types of bracelets, it can also be customized to fit one’s cause, giving them the uniqueness that most jewelry-enthusiasts are looking for.

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Silicone WristbandsGel bracelets are also beneficial to those who want to advertise a product or promote an  event in a less expensive but more creative and unique way.

Military Coins: Then And Now

Military Coins have a rich history as detailed by some stories and manuscripts. However, these different stories agree on one thing. Military coins are given to warriors or soldiers who have fought valiantly, have given honor to their country, or have accomplished tasks that involve bravery, loyalty, and integrity.

The Roman Empire

The earliest known origin of military coins dates back to the powerful reign of the Roman Empire. During those times, the leaders would reward the victorious warriors with coins made of valuable metals as payment for their services and also to recognize their achievements during times of war.

World War I

This is probably the most common story and might be the origin of custom military coins.

Military CoinsOne wealthy American military officer had custom medallions made from solid bronze and gave them to members of his unit. A young pilot placed the coin in a leather pouch which served as his identification after going through mishaps during the war. The soldier would have been executed by an ally nation if he hadn’t kept the military coin that bore the insignia of his squadron.

It then became a practice for all members of the military to always carry their medallions wherever they go.

World War II

Another story trace its roots to the third second war and tells about a certain group in the armed forces that uses local coins as identification for their members. The date, type, and other aspects of the coin are examined by the party to verify identity of the members. This prevented infiltrations by spies and the coins were referred to as challenge coins.

Modern Day Challenge Coins

Today’s challenge coins have evolved from local currencies to customized mementos and keepsakes that are as unique as the group or the individuals they were given to. But the tradition remains the same. Being presented with a military coin translates to exceptional achievements in service.

There are a number of good companies producing fine custom coins nowadays; most of them have extensive experience on catering to all branches of the armed forces. They have crafted custom coins that represented integrity, bravery, and courage of the military’s men and women.

Design and Quality

You should look for a company that is dedicated to the production of only the highest quality custom coins designed according to the specifications and requirements of their customers. The company should have satisfied customers from the military that can attest to the utmost attention they give to each of the custom coins that they craft.

The company should understand that military coins are more than just mementos and keepsakes. They can symbolize the bond that each member of a military unit shares. Or reflect a soldier’s achievements and contributions to the group. That’s why the company should be focused on producing top notch quality coins. These coins are made so that its carriers will be proud of them.

Wide Range of Options

Custom coin manufacturers present the customers with a wide range of options for their custom coin needs starting with the basic, metal color, which is available in gold, copper, silver, brass, black nickel, or even duo-tone. Metal styles are also available in antique or polished varieties.

Shape is also not limited to circles as they can be as complex or as fancy as the customers want them to be. Adding to the aesthetic value is the option to put in more color, engraved text, 3D designs, diamond cut edge, epoxy or enamel coatings, and different purposes like bottle opener or keychain. The possibilities are endless and their graphics designers will help you through the design process.

Things To Consider Before Using Iron On Patches

Whether you have limited time, materials, or sewing skills, iron on patches are a great way to accessorize bags, jackets, old jeans, and t-shirts. The best part about using this type of patches is that it is a fast and reliable way of patching up holes on ragged clothes and other fabric-based items.

Iron On Patches

These patches come in different sizes and designs to match your taste and the colors of your base items. You can purchase them in your town’s sewing crafts and hobby stores. Or if you don’t have access to one near your home, you may look up iron on patches of your design and size of choice online and order it from there. However, before you start pressing down these fabric stickers on to your clothes and bags, there are a few things you must consider;

One: SIZE.

This is a particularly important point to consider when using iron on patches to cover up holes on your base item (shirts, jeans, jackets, bags, etcetera). When buying, it is best to measure the circumference of the hole you are patching up to make sure that the shape and size of the patch will be enough to cover the whole area.

Be especially particular about the dimensions of the patches when you are buying it online as you cannot simply determine the size of the patch through your gadget screen. NEVER assume the dimensions of an item based on pictures alone when you are purchasing it online. As much as possible, ask the seller about the actual length and width of the patches before making your purchases online.


One of the reasons people opt for iron on patches is its fast and convenient way of accessorizing and updating the look of old or dull fabric-based items. Although going for a certain “look” or style may not be a priority for you, you might want to consider going with a particular theme or color to match your jeans and your bags.

Feeling like going for a rocker vibe? Why not try those punk-rock skull and rose patch designs to update your ratty denim jacket? Or if you are feeling a bit playful, why not pick a cutesy teddy bear patch to match that pastel- colored tote bag? Feel free to use your imagination and get creative.


Make sure to consider the type of fabric where you intend to stick those patches. From the name itself, Iron on patches require flat irons to melt the adhesive and make it stick to your base item. Not all types of fabric can take the same degree of heat. You wouldn’t want to burn a bigger hole on that jacket you intended to patch up in the first place. Also, take note of the word “fabric”. The patches are not advisable for use on plastic-based and leather-based surfaces. Ironing on the glue will definitely destroy these types of materials.


As mentioned, not all types of fabric can take the same degree of heat. Wool is advised by most fabric experts to be ironed at three-hundred (300) degrees Fahrenheit at most, cotton at four-hundred (400) degrees Fahrenheit, and linen at four-hundred and forty-five (445) degrees Fahrenheit.

With these four things in mind, don’t forget the most basic and most important of all: Observing SAFETY MEASURES! Keep hot iron away from children and all possible electrocution hazards. Lastly, make sure to do your iron on patching in a well-lighted place. You wouldn’t want to miss that hole or stick your patches on the wrong side of your pants! That’s it. Happy patching!

9 Speaking Opportunities for a Motivational Speaker

For a motivational speaker to build experience, he must first look for speaking opportunities where he can practice his speeches and enhance his public speaking skills. You can tap into these “resources” to start your public speaking career:


1.Local clubs and organizations.

Ask around your local area for any organizations that need a motivational speaker for their regular meetings. You can coordinate with their chairperson to organize a speaking activity that can boost the club members’ morale.

It is also better to research for any specific clubs that may or may have not the same interests as you. There is a likely chance that these people are also looking for a speaker that can provide them information which may be different from what they know but relevant to them nonetheless. Who knows, it could be you!

2.Educational Institutions

Local colleges could also help you start as a motivational speaker. Usually, universities and colleges need speakers who can inspire the students on how to manage college life and can teach them what to expect in the outside world. There are also university organizations that need speakers for their monthly meetings.

If you want to involve an even bigger crowd, contacting a department head or college dean is your first step. This way, you can introduce yourself and discuss your field of expertise, which can possibly be related to the target audience – the students.

3.Networking groups and companies

Business networking involves a number of people whose aim is to help other members get into the same business. Provide a valuable speech that can inspire them as individuals or as a group.

4.Online Events

You’ll be surprised but nowadays it is easier to organize events at the comfort of your own home. Take advantage of websites such as Event brite, Meet Up, Facebook and LinkedIn. These are online communities of people sharing the same interests. You can search for events near your city, particularly those that fit your area of expertise. The good thing about this speaking opportunity is you can do it in front of the people or virtually.

5.Trade associations

There are more than 10,000 trade groups in the US. Imagine if you can obtain opportunities to speak to a number of them. Contact the program organizers, discuss your topic of expertise, and send a demo video to let them know your interest to speak. With the trade shows, conventions and meetings they conduct in a year, they definitely need a speaker.

6.Speaker Directory Services

A speaker directory contains the names of different speakers, their locations, and areas of expertise. Meeting organizers usually consult directories to obtain speakers for their event. Join these directory services and put your name out there. It would be easier for you to get speaking opportunities if organizers know about you.

7.Business publications

You can also present your speaking interests to business publication groups. They normally conduct events which they announce online or in print. Check for the available speaking opportunity and contact the organization head.


If your expertise is related to business and industry, then speaking in corporate events is a flourishing ground for you. This kind of speaking entails a different kind of skills. You should be able to present your speech and presentation in a creative and exciting style. In fact, a motivational speaker seeking to be a great corporate speaker undergoes training and certification just to be great at it. Speaking in a corporate setting gives your credentials a boost.


You can utilize referrals by asking others to help you land different speaking events. Or, they themselves can hook you up with organizations or clubs, serving as a speaker during meetings.

All in all, there are lots of ways to jump start your speaking career and so, all you have to do is choose among them and act right away.

Custom Lanyards As Corporate Giveaways

With the holiday season fast approaching, marketing heads of companies are gathering up their teams to brainstorm and come up with the perfect holiday giveaway for clients. Of course, besides trying to finalize the gift list for the season, you also have to make sure that whatever you decide to give is not just one-of-a-kind but also functional for your clients and cost-effective for you.

Custom lanyardsThe trick to coming up with the perfect giveaway item is to think not only as a marketer but also as a client. If you were a client, what would you find useful? After all, corporate giveaways are also means to promote your brand. This means that you would be better off giving away items that your clients will regularly use, making consistent brand recall a possibility; it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. The answer to your problem? Custom lanyards.

What are custom lanyards?

A custom lanyard is a strap typically worn around the neck. Lanyards are basically neck straps worn to carry items such as IDs, keycards, cameras or flash drives.

Before lanyards were used to hold and carry IDs and keycards, these were worn by soldiers to keep their weaponry easily accessible.

Why consider custom lanyards as part of your corporate giveaway set?

It is right there in the name- these lanyards are made to be customized. With customizable lanyards, all you have to do is choose a high-quality material, a durable attachment, and a great, relevant design that will effectively reflect your company’s brand. By using these lanyards as corporate giveaways, you are not just giving your clients a useful present, you are also providing your company a chance to be remembered.

Since lanyards can be customized, you can just put about any significant company detail on it. Besides the obvious, such as your company logo, you can also put your slogan, website URL and even contact details on your lanyard giveaway. So if you are looking for a holiday giveaway to hand out to your valued clients, opting for customized lanyards is not only unique but also a wise choice.

Will your clients be happy receiving these custom lanyards?

The answer to that question is a YES. With the right material, your client will surely be more than appreciative receiving your customized lanyards. Remember though, the quality of your lanyard also says a lot about your company’s taste. This means that before you go designing your lanyard, you have to make sure you choose a high-quality material that will not make your clients feel hesitant about using it. After all, you do not want your clients associating you with producing cheap results, right?

The first thing you should decide on is your lanyard’s fabric. There are five fabrics commonly used in lanyard production. Choose between Polyester, Nylon, Tubular, Dye-Sublimated and Woven lanyards, just research about those and see which fabric will fit your needs best.

Besides the lanyard fabric, you also have to take into account your custom lanyard’s attachment. The attachment is what connects the lanyard to the item it will be holding. This makes it an essential part of your lanyard because you do not want your clients holding your custom lanyards accountable for losing their valuable items. There is a wide selection of lanyard attachments you can choose from with bulldog clip and trigger hook being the most commonly used in the market.

Once you are done deciding on which fabric and attachment to use, all you have to do now is come up with a great design that is not only aesthetically-pleasing but also relevant to your brand and business.

Digital Signage Requirements

Digital SignageWe become aware of what’s happening around us through different communication channels. We have televisions, radios, newspapers, posters, billboards, and print ads. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, we can now communicate with our computers through the internet. We now have online networks and social media where we can chat and message one another, read news and events.

Aside from these means of communication, the use of digital signage as a method of communication has also significantly increased. This is now used for outdoor advertising, and also used by big companies and institutions for private or public communication.

Digital signage is a communication channel wherein the video or audio messages, graphic images or advertisements are electronically displayed via Plasma, LCD, LED screens or monitors. The communication content is created, uploaded, and managed by using computer software and media players. You can commonly see these in airports, train stations, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls; however, this is also used in smaller settings. You may need it for a small business presentation or advertisement, school presentation, or events presentation.

What are needed to create digital displays? There are basically five elements that you need.

You may or may not need a server for your digital signage. You can choose to use a closed network where you don’t need to use internet connections, so you can just locally update your communication content using flash drives or USB sticks. Or, you can use an open network where your digital information is updated through the internet. Depending on how many digital display monitors you need or want to use, you can decide to either make use of Ethernet cable connections or wireless connections.

Digital Screens/Monitors
You can choose from different digital displays like LCD, LED, or plasma screens. You can actually make use of projectors also.

You will need your computer to store data and to run the software that you need to create the communication content that will be shown on your digital screens. This is where you do the creation, editing, updating, and uploading of information.

Digital Media Player
You can also use your PC or laptop as a media player but it is better for you to have a media player that was developed also for digital signage. You will need this for content playback. Choose a reliable media player that can play high definition live video and audio, graphics, and also supports RSS, and various web formats.

You can manage your communication content using this software. The software will have almost all your needed template to easily create your communication content and all you need is to input information. The software would usually include the Creator, Scheduler, and Player. The creator allows you to create your lay-out using the available templates. You can add videos, images, text, slideshows, date and time, RSS and Twitter feeds. This is where you can integrate your videos with your graphic lay-out. The Scheduler allows you to manage the playback of your content depending on what specific time of the day it would be displayed and how long.

Digital SignagereqIf you want to create your own digital display, just make sure to have all the needed materials. This should already give you a good start. Make sure to find the best hardware like digital LCD/LED screens, computer and media players, and most importantly, make sure to have reliable and easy to use software. The software plays a very important role in creating an effective communication content. Mediasignpro can offer you the best Mac based digital signage software. The software is full-featured, easy to use at a very affordable price.